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March 2015

JMAK adds new line of 3D Metrology Sensors from CHROMASENS

3D-PIXA Stereo Line Scan Camera


  • Stereo color line scan camera based on allPIXA.
  • 3D height map and color image simultaneously.
  • Lateral optical resolution to 5 micron.
  • Height resolution up to 1 micron.
  • 3D height map in real time using graphic boards



The new ECCO 75 Series from SmartRay delivers higher resolution, increased accuracy, larger field of view and more 3D points scanned per second. These stylish new high-definition 3D Sensors are ideal for detailed inspection, precision guidance and high accuracy measurement applications. Like the highly successful 35 and 55 Series ECCO products, the 75 Series 3D Sensors are compact, light in weight and very economical.


Ximea announces new "xiB" PCI Express camera family!  

Based upon the CMV12000 and CMV20000 CMOSIS sensors. 20MP @ 33 fps and 12MP @ 100fps with 12 bit images!

See details on web link:


MVTec Introduces MERLIC – A New Generation of Vision Software


  • 3D sensors with an extremely attractive price-performance ratio
  • Product versions offering high precision and speed
  • Lightweights (180 g) in ultra-compact design

The new ECCO series 3D sensors are particularly suited for measurement and testing tasks with a scan frequency of up to 6 kHz.

The ECCO product line perfectly combines light sensitivity and speed with ease of use at an attractive purchase price – the ideal solution for a broad spectrum of 3D applications.

The ultra-compact IP65 casing weighs less than 180 grams, enabling the sensor to be installed in confined spaces.

Drivers for HALCON ( GeniCam) and Cognex VisionPro are available as well as a .NET and C++ API.

We have demo gear available for loan to SI's, OEMs and end users.  

JMAK to exhibit at 2014 Vision Show in Boston