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HALCON 18.11 Steady Software Full Run-time Bundle System - (Entire Library)


Includes the modules Foundation, Calibration, 1D, 2D, and 3D Metrology, Bar and Data Code, OCR/OCV, Matching.

Foundation Details - Arithmetic, bit, edges, noise, smoothing, texture and further filters, FFT, optical flow, classification,segmentation, morphology, blob analysis, color image processing, serial and socket communication, acquiring, reading and writing images, visualization and window handling. Processing of images larger than 32k x 32k.

Pattern Recognition details - Subpixel precise matching based on shape, gray-values, or descriptors of the object, automatic detectionof the variation of the appearance of objects, component-based matching, local deformable matching, image stitching (mosaicking), generating models from dxf format.

3D Vision Details - Stereo vision and sheet of light for subpixel precise 3D measurements, localization of 3D objects in 3D by using a single camera, surface-based 3D matching, multi-view stereo for robust 3D reconstruction, fitting of 3D primitives, generating 3D models from dxf format.


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