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About JMAK Automation

JMAK was founded in 2005 to provide consulting and design services to the manufacturing industry with core expertise in Motion Control and CAD. In 2011, JMAK added extensive support for machine vision and imaging. The founders of JMAK were employed for 10 years by Cognex Corporation & 5 years by Siemens Energy and Automation, respectively. Collectively the founders have 40+ years of experience serving high tech manufacturing customers across the US and Canada.  

About the Managing Partner 

Marty Karnacewicz - Co-Founder & VP Sales

Marty started his career in machine vision in 1990 after graduating with a BSEE degree from UNH. He worked as a sales engineer for a distributor of Itran machine vision systems ( a pioneer in a new industry) in New England. Marty worked for Cognex as an OEM Sales Engineer for 10 years supporting OEMs in the semiconductor, electronics, solar, and postal/document handling industry. While working at Cognex, Marty received a co-patent of an innovative low cost way of illuminating and aligning a semiconductor wafer for a process called "Wafer Pre-align".  

JMAK's mission is to provide new and innovative 3D machine vision technology primarily in 3D metrology and robotic guidance applications to the North American automation market. JMAK works closely with customers to guide them to the best and most cost effective solutions for the ENTIRE machine vision application and to not simply be a component supplier. 

What can you expect from JMAK Automation?

  • Real World Experience in all areas of Machine Vision.

  • Deep Technical Support & Training Services

  • Unique and Innovative Solutions

  • Up to date on latest technology

  • Honesty and Peace of mind

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