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What's new at JMAK Automation

JMAK announces distribution of Photoneo's PhoXi 3D Fringe Projection Sensor line in North America. Comprised of a carbon fiber frame, integrated GPU, active laser light source and Gig E the PhoXi family of sensors is designed for the factory floor. The primary applications are bin picking and 3D inspection. Areas up to 2400 x 1800 x 2200 mm are covered with a single sensor! PhoXi 3D sensors are Linux and Windows ready and integrate easily into Halcon, OpenCV or other image processing libraries. 


In-Line 3D surface topology measurement on any material to better than 100 nano-meters! Measure to a few nano-meters on thin films and glass substrates. We have demo system and can measure your parts or provide the system for you to demo........

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